Our mission is to help regular Marylanders get a “fresh start” from their debt problems. We do this by charging them a fee they can afford while handling their case properly We treat all of our clients with respect so we are grateful when they return that respect and are appreciative of our low fees. If you believe you can work with us in this way to SAVE YOU MONEY, we will help find the best bankruptcy solution for your individual debt problems.

Heather L Dickerson have worked for the largest and busiest bankruptcy firms in the state of Maryland. Their combined 33 years as licensed Maryland Attorneys along with their experience in thousands of Maryland Bankruptcy cases allow them to fully represent you in your case.

At Heather L Dickerson, they use their knowledge of the United States Bankruptcy code and their experience to help people all throughout Maryland obtain their fresh start and relief from the pressures of having too much debt. They will sort through your financial situation and determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: Law Firm only accepts chapter 13, not chapter 7 cases for the following counties: Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington

What we offer

Hello to all Marylanders facing overwhelming debt issues. Whether you are looking for an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore MD or a $500 bankruptcy attorney near me, we can help you get a fresh start. I am an affordable bankruptcy attorney who can help the entire state of Maryland for chapter 13 and all of the state except for Frederick County and westward. WE DO NOT HANDLE CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY CASES FOR WESTERN MD. Some people might consider me a Harford county bankruptcy attorney or they might ask if we are less expensive than the $690 cost bankruptcy attorney and our answer is a resounding YES! Are we technically a $500 bankruptcy attorney? I will let you decide but I believe that my legal fee of $515 is close enough for me to fit the criteria. While I don’t like the term “cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore Maryland”, this is probably the best and quickest way to say what we are doing. Whether you need a chapter 7 or chapter 13, low cost legal fees like ours allow many more people who need to file bankruptcy in their lives to file. We can boldly and proudly say that whether you want to say cheap, affordable or inexpensive, bankruptcy lawyers in Maryland, that is what we have been, are and will be while practicing bankruptcy law throughout the state. I will warn you to watch out for no money down chapter 7 or zero down bankruptcy lawyers near me. The reason is that sometimes, these situations wind up costing you a lot more than we charge our clients. Since we cover most of the state, you can consider us to be cheap chapter 7 and cheap chapter 13 lawyers near me(you).

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