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Monsanto Case

Monsanto Case

Are you having trouble getting your Monsanto case prepared for court? Your Case Worth can help with all the details of your Monsanto Roundup case when you contact us and send us the details. Ind that having your case added to an upcoming class-action suit is the fastest and easiest way to get your case in front of a judge. Monsanto is currently paying out billions in compensation for their negligent and intentional actions. If you were exposed to Roundup and have a medical condition linked to its toxic ingredient, Glyphosate, you could receive significant monetary compensation, as well.

Do I Have a Monsanto Case?

You’ll need the help of a specialist to determine whether your medical condition can be linked to the use of Roundup- and a judge will ultimately determine your compensation. Speak with one of our experts at Your Case Worth for information that will help you move forward with your Monsanto case to ensure it doesn’t fall through the cracks in the justice system. There is a short window of opportunity when Monsanto will face significant fines and penalties for their actions- make sure your case is before a judge within this timeframe for the best chances of success in court. We want to provide free resources and assistance as you file your Monsanto case.

Why Are People Calling Monsanto ‘Bayer’?

Monsanto has tried to divert attention away from their name with numerous tactics, including selling their name to the company, Bayer- but it hasn’t worked. Courts still recognize Monsanto’s accountability for choosing to leave Roundup on store shelves for many years after their product’s main ingredient was deemed a cause of cancer. We can all help keep the spotlight on Monsanto by referring to them by their proper name instead of using the name Bayer. If you’ve suffered harm through exposure to their product, Roundup, you deserve to be financially compensated; call us or connect with us through Your Case Worth online to get started.

What Are the Charges Against Monsanto?

Along with lawsuits regarding Roundup, Monsanto faces additional charges from farmers across the globe. Just a few of the charges Monsanto faces include:

  • Strong-arming farmers and forcing them into bankruptcy
  • Lying to consumers about the safety of their products
  • Intentionally causing widespread famine and financial hardship with poor quality seed
  • Genetically modifying corn seeds and contaminating organic stock
  • Cross-contaminating organic farms causing bankruptcy
  • Creating misleading marketing materials about their products’ potential
  • Claiming to feed the world while getting rich off of their deceit

It’s not too late to add your Monsanto case to others being heard around the country- Your Case Worth can help you navigate the complex system to make sure you can tell your story in court and hold Monsanto accountable. Don’t wait until Monsanto is no longer making headlines- now is the best time to prepare your case and file for compensation. There are limited funds available for settlements, and once they’re depleted, you have nothing to gain by filing- call us today.

Monsanto Case

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