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Maryland Bankruptcy

maryland bankruptcy There is an awful lot to know about Maryland bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law in any state can be a confusing mess. Maryland bankruptcy law is, to some, even worse. Fear not-- welcome to the online home of Holmquist & Dickerson, LLC. We are kind, compassionate and well experienced in all aspects of the law.

The entire Maryland bankruptcy process can be a maze of paperwork and problems. While it is technically possible for a person to declare Maryland bankruptcy on their own, it is rarely if ever advised. Make one or two mistakes on your paperwork, and the bankruptcy court judge may cancel your case instead of your bills. Holmquist & Dickerson have been in the bankruptcy business for quite some time, and they have helped literally thousands of Marylanders to save their homes while eliminating their nagging bills. If you choose Holmquist & Dickerson to do your Maryland bankruptcy, we will stop creditors from calling you at home or at work. The bills will stop stuffing your mail box and you won't have to be nervous about answering your telephone or your door.

Nobody grows up dreaming of the day when they will declare Maryland bankruptcy. It's simply not part of the so-called American Dream. In a perfect world, everyone who wanted to work would have gainful employment that easily paid their bills with enough left over to have fun. Too bad that's not the way the world really works. These are harsh financial times for a lot of people. If your financial boat is sinking fast, please get in touch with us just as soon as you are able. We're here to help you through the ofttimes tangled and never fun Maryland bankruptcy process. If you need a compassionate Maryland bankruptcy attorney, please take a deep breath and give us a call at 410.692.5315. Maryland Bankruptcy

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Maryland Chapter 13

If you are in huge financial trouble, it may be time to consider Maryland Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Of course, it's not a first resort, but if you can barely pay your mortgage anymore, bankruptcy may be your best and only option. Don't panic. Take a deep breath and call Holmquist & Dickerson at 410.692.5315.

Approximately twice the number of Maryland Chapter 13 filers choose a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The differences between a Chapter 7 and a Maryland Chapter 13 are considerable. Usually, Chapter 13 is the preferred choice of debtors who own a valuable asset that is not totally protected by Chapter 7 exemptions. With a Maryland Chapter 13, the debtor promises to repay creditors over a certain period of time; usually three to five years. A Maryland Chapter 13 allows the debtor to make up late and overdue payments and bring their payment status up to date. A Maryland Chapter 13 may not wreck your credit quite as awfully as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Nobody grows up dreaming of the time when they will declare Maryland bankruptcy. In a perfect world, everyone who wanted to work would have a great job that easily paid their bills with enough left over to have fun. Shame things don't work out that way.

When you do a Maryland Chapter 13, you will make your payments through a trustee. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor usually enjoys an immediate discharge of debts. This is not how it works with a Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. In either type of bankruptcy, dun letters and nagging phone calls from creditors will cease. If we help you file a Maryland Chapter 7 or a Maryland Chapter 13, you won't be nervous about answering the phone or opening the mail any more. We have been in the Maryland Chapter 13 business for years, and we've helped thousands of Marylanders save their homes while eliminating their drowning debt. You don't have to go through it alone. Call Holmquist & Dickerson at 410.692.5315.

Filing Bankruptcy In Maryland

Have you been staying awake at night, wondering if filing bankruptcy in Maryland is the right thing for you to do? Try not to let your situation make you depressed. These days, there are a lot of good Americans in the same boat. We are Holmquist & Dickerson, and we may be able to help you. Call 410.692.5315 and tell us what you need.

If you are in serious financial trouble and owe far more than you can afford to pay, personal bankruptcy may be your best or only option. Nobody ever really wants to rush into filing bankruptcy in Maryland, but there are times when it is the best choice for a Marylander who is up to their ears in debt. Chapter Seven bankruptcy, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, is what more than sixty percent of people filing bankruptcy in Maryland choose. Under Chapter Seven, you will be able to retain certain pieces of personal property, such as your house, older vehicle, clothing, tools used for work and books. There may be additional exemptions. Before you go filing bankruptcy in Maryland, give Holmquist & Dickerson a call and we will describe Chapter Seven bankruptcy to you in terms that you can understand.

Maryland law may be different from other states in which you have declared bankruptcy. Federal law covers bankruptcy, and state laws amplify that law. See how confusing filing bankruptcy in Maryland can be? That's why we're here to help Marylanders get through the sometimes weird and never fun filing bankruptcy in Maryland process.  We will do your Maryland bankruptcy for as little as $535. Compare our prices to other firms whose specialty is filing bankruptcy in Maryland, and you are sure to find that most of them charge a lot more for guiding you through the filing bankruptcy in Maryland process. It's never any fun, but we are compassionate and respectful Maryland bankruptcy specialists, and we will make the process as painless as we can.

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